Chrome To Begin Pausing Flash Ads By Default, Starting 10/1

Google: New setting to save power by pausing plugin content

With the Beta release of Chrome 42, we’ve launched a new setting that automatically pauses plugin content that’s peripheral to the main page. This can help you save precious battery power and CPU cycles. But don’t worry, the primary plugin content on pages (games, videos, etc.) should still run just fine.

To adjust these settings, in the Chrome Browser Address bar type,


  • Scroll to Plugins; here is what each option does:
    • Run all plugin content (used to be recommended)
    • Detect and run important plugin content
      • Chrome will automatically run the main plug-in content on websites, but not run peripheral plug-in content.
    • Let me choose when to run plugin content
      • Chrome will prevent any plug-ins from running automatically, but you can run specific plug-ins by right-clicking on them and choosing “Run this plug-in.”
  • Use the “Manage Exceptions” button to for individual options

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