‘Tis The Season… For Scams

2015 Holiday Scams

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday . . . the time is ripe for scam artists to target the unsuspecting shopper.
Shared from IDShield. Learn more about legal and identity protection here.

“Secret” (Illegal) Gifting Scam

ScamThe “secret sisters” gift exchange is popping up on social media. You’ve probably seen friends looking for others to participate in the Secret Sister Gift Exchange in your news feed. Invitees are told to send a $10 gift to the next person on the list and invite 6 friends to join. This is a scam. Participating violates the Postal Lottery Statute.

According to Snopes.com, the messages first appeared on Facebook, Pinterest and other sites in early October. The posts explained every participant would receive 36 gifts if they sent one gift valued at $10 or more.

Chip Card Scam

Not all debit & credit card issuers have sent new EMV chip cards to their customers yet. Knowing this, scammers are telling people that they must provide personal data or money to obtain a new card. This is not true.

Fake Shipping Notes

Scammers send a fake e-mail that claims a package was sent by you or is to be delivered to you. The purpose: to try to collect personal data or download a virus. Delete it without responding.

Fake E-Commerce Websites

Fraudulent websites are common. So, finding a fabulous offer from a website with which you are not familiar could be a red flag. Remember . . . “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

Shared from IDShield. Learn more about legal and identity protection here.


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